Matthew Fleeger’s 4 Productivity Secrets That Will Boost Your Business Today

Great leaders are masters of productivity. Matthew Fleeger is no different. Look into his background and you’ll find evidence of him sprinting up the ranks at top oil companies. In no time he went from entry-level positions to landing decision-making roles. His current role? CEO and President of Gulf Coast Western.

And he won all that success by following simple productivity habits that anyone can use.

In his interview with, Matthew Fleeger offers brief insights about:

  • Where his company idea came from and Fleeger gives a short history of Gulf Coast Western.
  • The current industry trends that excite him. He talks about technology creating a more efficient oil industry. One full of opportunities that would have been impossible just five years ago.
  • His past failures. This includes one hasty acquisition that taught him the power and purpose of due diligence.

But Matthew Fleeger also talks about productivity and this is where your ears should perk up. Why? Because he is a super productive entrepreneur.

Fleeger founded MedSolutions and across 14 years held three executive roles there (CEO, President and Director). In 2007 he sold the company for $59 million. That makes Matthew Fleeger’s productivity advice more than hollow suggestions.

This is his basic road map for value creation:

  • Write everything you want to do then rank your goals before you start. This helps you to focus your time and energy.
  • Spend your first hour prioritizing the day. Do your most important items first and work your way down.
  • Find a work and life balance earlier. Don’t trade your life for a living.
  • Read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. Because this stuff still works.

A luminary in his industry, Matthew Fleeger’s career is a model of hard work and productivity. His time management tactics are tools anyone can use to create their own inspirational success story.