Allied Wallet is one of the leading payment processing and merchant services companies. This company serves both individuals and businesses who are looking to more efficiently receive money and manage it. The company provides a number of services that enable both individuals and businesses to establish better ways to collect revenue from customers as well as secure their funds. Allied Wallet offers payment processing, merchant services, prepaid debit cards, security and point of sale systems. All of these services have helped many businesses and individuals more easily gather and manage their capital. Along with being one of the top merchant services companies in the world, Allied Wallet is among the most charitable as well. The company regularly donates its revenue to a number of charitable causes. With its philanthropic activities, Allied Wallet has been able to help improve the quality of life of members of the community.

Since 2006, Allied Wallet has established itself as a very successful merchant services company due to its vast amount of services and features. One of the main services that the company offers is payment processing. The company offers a system and technology to help accept credit and debit card payments. This allows businesses to have an easier time receiving revenue for products sold and services rendered. Another service that the company offers is a Global Payment Gateway. This service at Allied Wallet offers tools to manage payments on a desktop or a mobile dashboard. It also provides real time reporting of financial transactions. With Allied Wallet, businesses and consumers can also take advantage of prepaid credit cards which allow them to make payments for employees and business expenses.

Another reason why Allied Wallet has emerged as one of the top merchant services companies is its culture. The company strives to make every employee feel valuable and as a part of a family. This creates an environment that is very encouraging for employees. As a result, they are able to provide the best service to all of its customers. Management of the company believes that happy employees will result in satisfied customers. Allied Wallet doesn’t just look to help make employees happy and provide them with a work environment that is positive. It also looks to contribute to the welfare of the community. Allied Wallet donates to a number of causes and organizations.

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