Kim Dao Gets a Skin Treatment Injection

We get to see Kim Dao get a skin treatment injection in a recent video the blogger posted on YouTube. Before we see the treatment process, Kim Dao shares that this is the first skin care treatment that she has ever received. On the day of the treatment Kim Dao is sitting in the back of her cab fresh faced with no makeup on as she heads to the clinic. Once Kim Dao arrives for her skin care treatment appointment she speaks with a consultant who recommends that she gets a specific treatment for her dry skin. The consultant even gave Kim Dao a bag full of different goodies upon her arrival. This is a bag that the clinic gives to every one of their clients, and it even came with an adapter. For Kim Dao this came in handy since she forgot her adapter at home. Kim Dao then goes to a room for the doctor to take photos of her skin to decide the best method for treating her skin.

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  1. After Kim Dao and her specialist have an all out discussion about her skin and the treatment, she goes in and they get the opportunity to work. The procedure is complex, however a while later Kim Dao looks fresher and gentler. The truth is that this article has clarified everything from the start to the finish about Kin Doa and her elegant works and discoveries in a simple and concise review.

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