Unlike many tycoons who spend their wealth, living a flourishing life in the most expensive hotels and beaches, Omar Boraie is one prominent businessman from Egypt who according to decided to Invest in real estate business. He chose to start a foundation in the Brunswick city in the southeast of America in the year 1968. This foundation upon it establishment encountered a lot of critics from the society who viewed the idea as manipulative and suppressive.

However, Omar Boraie set his records straight by focusing on his aim to develop the city by constructing numerous residential house and various institutions including industrial and commercial projects. As a result, his foundation was reported to be growing at a higher pace. The government and other local people in business indulged into the firm by letting and establishing their businesses within his facilities.

It gave the construction company a new image of success as it profits stood at an increasing rate yearly. Other than New Brunswick, the Boraie development also had numerous ongoing projects around Newark and the broad way of Atlantic City.

Community Projects and Sponsorships.

In the year 2006, the Boraie foundation engaged in several public activities as a way of gratitude. He enacted this move by sponsoring the New Jersey Theaters. Due to the support, movie hubs could manage to air its services to the society for free throughout the summer seasons. Moreover, Sam Boraie was an acting director of Elijah’s Promise. Through his continuous support with the funds, the organization managed to operate in the most efficient manner.

Luckily, the organization managed to upgrade the services to its residents by increasing food supply to 100,000 residents annually, reports Among other services provided by this organization included, proper health care services, accommodations for the needy children and educational services, etc.

Omar Boraie also intervened into the health sector and played a significant role in contributions to the organizations that are striving to find cancer cures. His donations and support are highly appreciated in New Brunswick City as they have positive impacts on many generations. It is through the efforts and determinations that have significantly contributed to the current face of Omar Boraie as the world most recognized billionaire.

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