How Talkspace Helps People Receive Therapy

Did you know that you can receive therapy without traveling and setting an appointment with a therapist? With Talkspace this is now possible. Talkspace uses mobile apps and web to connect individuals with licensed therapists. It is the best online therapy organization as it has increased access to mental health care by facilitating dialogue between licensed therapists and patients with mental problems. The company was established with a significant aim of eliminating stigmas that result from mental illness and ensure millions of people receive therapy.

Talkspace has announced a partnership with Michael Phelps to improve therapy as a significant tool for improving one’s mental health. This partnership will consist of national TV campaigns through which Mr. Phelps will share with the public about his personal experience and also encourage them to come out and speak about their mental health experiences. This will help in fighting the stigma associated with mental health thus encouraging people to seek therapy.

The most recent news about Talkspace is that the company has hired Neil Leibowitz to be the chief medical professional. The primary aim of hiring Mr. Leibowitz is to help the company build its enterprise business by use of its app to prescribe medications. Bringing him on board will enable the psychiatrists of the organization to use videos while prescribing medicines to their clients.

Oren Frank, the co-founder of Talkspace, believes that the initiative will help increase the accessibility of individuals with mental problems to therapy so that they can overcome their everyday challenges in a stigma-free environment.

Therapy is all about practical strategies for eliminating stress, leaving a happier life, and meeting goals. Talkspace therapy is considered as a convenient, affordable, and evidence-based type of psychotherapy that is available for the public and organizations. The system enables individuals and organizations to text their therapists in case they have access to a tablet, smartphone or computer. All therapist on Talkspace and vetted and licensed and qualified researchers and clinicians manage the system.

The above information about Talkspace is essential for informing the public about how therapy is now easy.