Greg Secker: How to Make Profits in Forex Trading

The forex market is very lucrative. However, most people who want to invest their money in the industry are challenged by the complexity of the market. Greg Secker is one of the individuals who has made money in the complicated department. According to him, people in business should only learn the basics of the game, especially the primary forex indicators so that they can know how they will manage the risk effectively. With very little determination, Greg believes that investors can make healthy profits.

Although the forex is sophisticated, it doesn’t mean that it is impossible to make good money. People have to invest their time, just like other businesses so that they can learn about everything. Greg Secker, however, believes that the industry is not as complicated as brain surgery. Here are some of the basics every newbie in the forex market should learn.

Forex Indicators

There are some economists say that forex trading is completely unpredictable, and those who earn good profits are just lucky. When using this logic, only the successful poker gets lucky in the final table. However, this is not the truth in forex trading. There are some reliable indicators that the traders can use so that they can determine when to buy something and when to sell. With time, an investor will understand the true signs.

Simple Moving Average

This is considered to be the mean value of stock or currency in a particular period. In the forex market, there are long and short simple moving averages. The short ones will run for ten to twenty days while the long ones take fifty to one hundred days. The numbers will help you in determining the value of an individual commodity. Greg Secker says that you can achieve so much when you understand this logic.

Exponential Moving Average

This standard is very similar to the SMA, although it is shorter. The SMA is specially made to analyse the long averages, the Exponential Moving Average is believed to react fast when the price changes suddenly. Greg Secker ventured into the forex market when he was very young, and he says that all investors must understand the EMA concept well.