College savings bank Becomes a Division

Nexbank is a Commercial bank that offers diverse services to its clients. Being a commercial bank, it services its clients through three main channels. That is through providing commercial banking services, mortgage banking services, and institutional banking services. Nexbank was founded in 192 by James Dondero. It is a private institution. It has employed around 100 workers. The bank has its headquarters in Dallas and aims at touching the lives of those around where the bank operates in different ways. One of the roads is developing loan programs to help reach the residents and improve their economic status. It also plans to be involved in community activities. The bank was reported as supporting Women foundation 32nd annual Luncheon as indicated by the PRNewswire.

The president and the CEO of NexBank Capital, Inc. were reported to have served as a panelist at the Texas bankers association’s 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities in Nov 2016 Mr. Holt was said to have participated in the discussion on the topic reinventing Community banking. The conference was held on Nov 2016. The conference brings together bank leaders, advisers and also consultants to share about opportunities and challenges facing community bank leaders.

In June PRNewswire reported that college savings bank is becoming part of the NexBank. The bank agreed to acquire the college savings and make it a division of Nexbank. That means it will retain the name and operate in the usual way only that it will now be part of Nexbank. College bank becomes a division of the Nexbank. The college bank moved, but it was to retain the name and also the brand. The division caters for savings of the college students.

The new branch of NexBank was to deal with college something that it has been doing since its inception in 1987. It will be serving both the Indiana CollegeChoice CD 529 savings plan and Arizona family College savings program. The college plan caters for diversified financial services. Nexbank is committed to helping the community and acquiring the College saving bank makes it even better to have a division dedicated to improving the community. With the whole division devoted to catering to the college savings, it will easier to reach the city more comfortable than before.

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