Stream Energy: A Reliable Company in Times of Disaster

Disasters around the world are becoming more serious, and as the threat from climate change continues to be realized by the majority, hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones are becoming more powerful. In 2017, Texas experienced one of the most devastating hurricanes on record – Hurricane Harvey, unleashing powerful winds and torrential rains which wreaked havoc all over the state. The coastal communities facing the Gulf of Mexico in eastern Texas are the ones who experienced the worst, as surging wall of waters crashed into their homes, destroying billions worth of properties. Inland, the torrential rains from the hurricane swept communities, and flash floods destroyed crops and properties, leaving people stranded on the top of their roofs, asking for help.

Businesses in Dallas were quick to respond, providing rescue and relief to those who were affected. Stream Energy is among those who stepped up and used their corporate funds to help those who are stranded in their flooded homes and provide relief to the survivors who are staying in shelters. Right after the disaster hit, Stream Energy commanded its philanthropic arm, called Stream Cares, to visit the areas that were hit the hardest. The company also brought food packs and water, giving them to those who wanted to eat. The hurricane left many people without supplies, and Stream Energy provided everything that they need. They even donated $20,000 to organizations to ensure that the people will keep on receiving supplies for days and even weeks.

Stream Energy also stated that the company will be assisting those who have lost their homes to file claims so that they could rebuild. The flow of electricity in Texas was also interrupted by the hurricane, and the energy company will be working overtime to fix it.

Hurricane Harvey will always be in the minds of the survivors, creating a dark memory about the reality facing the world today. Scientists are even warning that Hurricane Harvey is just the tip of the iceberg, and more powerful hurricanes are yet to come. Stream Energy assured that no matter what kind of disaster would hit, they would always extend an arm to help everyone.

Stormy Time at Papa John’s Almost Over with Steve Ritchies Measures Bearing Results

Papa John’s had one message to its customers, they expected better from the company and they are working to do better. The pizza company addressed its customers through a post on social media. This marked the beginning of Papa John’s campaign to restore things to their normal order in the company.

On the wake of customers expressing their disappointments in the company, Steve Ritchie penned a letter to the effect that Papa John’s has put in place various measures to correct what has been troubling the company. The sales of the company has declined significantly last year.

According to the letter, the company’s leadership team completed the “unconscious bias training” recently and it expects to roll out the program countrywide. The company has also put in place measures to ensure inclusivity and cultural practices are upheld at the company to the latter. Ritchie visited Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles and Chicago getting the feedback from franchisees and team members on how the company can do better.

 The pizza chain has also put in place a strong advisory group that will guide it. It is committed to adding more diversity to the corporate leadership team. It has started some other initiatives that will see the customer’s perspective on the brand improve. Papa John’s has endeavored to start a new foundation focused on promoting the communities where its employees hails from.

With over 25 years of experience in the pizza business, Steve Ritchie, Papa John’s CEO, found a family in the pizza company when he joined it early last year. In the company, people from all walks of life work hand-in-hand every day. The Papa John’s fraternity stands for fairness, equity, respect as well as opportunity. Ritchie values the company’s people. He considers people as the company’s most important ingredient.

Steve Ritchie gives a listening hear to customers and team members and he heard his team’s hurt, disappointment as well as anger. He says that the company is moving towards the position it ought to be. The company retained its top advisors including Lazard Ltd and Bank of America who guides the company on business operations.

Steve Ritchie stated that they are working to refocus Papa John’s on its value proposition as well as differentiate it. The company looks to get back to its feet fully even as it looks to earn back its customers’ trust.