Solvy: Turning Education Toward a New Era

What Alexei Beltyukov’s Solvy is and how it fits into the education world:

Solvys allows for customizable online assignments to be made by teachers to their students. Solvy allows teachers to make assignments online, and then allows teachers to monitor the work of the students as they complete their exercises.

Through Solvy, teachers are able to detect areas in the students’ work as assignments are completed. This innovative program will even provide assistance with the dreaded Algebra I, often a score in a young student’s school day!

Alexei Beltyukov himself is well suited as the creator of Solvy, being something of a Renaissance man with training in both Medicine and later turning to business where he attained an MBA and has launched several successful businesses exploiting his creative talents.

The educational impacts of Alexei Beltyukov and his brain-child, Solvy:

Solvy involves the application of Alexei Beltyukov’s innovative use of technology in math programs to inspire Solvy’s innovative method of making regular assignments available online and then allowing students and teachers to interact online regarding the assignments is a positive new leap for education.

It allows an affordable way to distribute assignments and provide feedback and any necessary additional instruction to the students as they complete the work, while questions are still fresh on the students’ minds.

This innovation enables educators to extend their classrooms beyond the school buildings and into the real-time lives of their students.

It also permits teachers to observe the students’ work first-hand and to isolate problem areas early on. Use of Solvy enables teachers to capitalize on rare “teachable moments” as they occur.