How EOS Turned Social Media Into The Best Sales Team In The World

The EOS brand, Evolution of Smooth has conquered the world with its balmy lips, including a Spain, partly thanks to a wide variety of colors and flavors.

Taking Over an Old Market

What’s so special about these balms? It is not only their funny packaging that deserves our attention. EOS balms are 100% natural and 95% organic. They are made from the best ingredients that nature does not have: shea butter, vitamin E, beeswax, olive oil, coconut oil and jojoba among others.

EOS balms have a light texture that you only notice on the lips. Which does not mean they will go completely unnoticed? They have a pleasant smell and a sweet taste that can become a real addiction. EOS lip balm is not sticky and lasts up to several hours, as long as it does not touch the lips. The texture is very pleasant; the balm is absorbed very well and, once again, keeps its shape after each application. The product is so successful also thanks to its little traditional packaging. Can you imagine a scented balm in an egg-shaped container? Surely, when applying this balm, it will attract a few curious looks.

What’s The Secret?

They started out with a very good idea and a marketing plan to make a product that had not changed in a hundred years a new innovative option for women. With the wave of millennials taking over the world, the brand’s strategy relied on influencers, vloggers, and celebrities. In no time, EOS was all over the social media, and their popularity started to grow, with women all over wiping shelves clean of the product. The products are available on the website, and Racked online store.

With an upcoming expansion of the brand, EOS will continue to be a pioneer when it comes to innovation and branding of new products ( through the world today.



In January 2017, Madison Street Capital, a Chicago-based company acted as an intermediary in the successful exchange of equity and subordinated debt for their client ARES Security Corporation located in Vienna.Corbel Structured Equity Partners was also involved in this transaction as the minority equity exchange financiers.Both parties expressed their satisfaction with the whole process. The chief executive officer of the intermediary Reginald McGough said she was glad that the customer chose them to spearhead this task and even trusted their judgment in appointing the best financier. Ben Eazzetta, the president of Ares security was impressed in this process. He was also positive that this was the right step towards improving the company’s capital structure significantly.


The financier, Corbel Structured Equity Partners has a stable capital base of 95 million pounds mainly from medium-sized companies to whom they offer returns according to their preference. They are key role players in this industry and having a good client base has propelled them to the forefront as the best partners in capital management


Madison Street Capital has experienced a steady increase in customer volumes recently based on their vast experience in matters relating to mergers, acquisitions, and recapitalization. Within a period of 12 years, they have managed to spread their operations in North America, Asia, and Africa. It has proven advantageous since they have amassed experience from various markets and they are now in a position to advice clients accordingly. Their team of about 99 well-trained experts can offer need-based assistance promptly.


The global trends seem to favor shifting direction to emerging markets for those interested in sustainable growth.It is through this realization that Madison Street Capital has managed to experience a steady increase in customer base. They have also maintained integrity and excellence while doing business in the diverse global market and emerging companies will find it hard to beat that.A lesson to other players in this sensitive industry; large portfolios are a result of customer satisfaction.


Investment banking is a critical field for both developed and developing economies. Investors and entrepreneurs should consider venturing into this market to maximize profits and also cushion their businesses against economic downtime and volatility of the money market. Proper research must be done before finalizing transactions and the clients are assured maximum returns.


There is an anticipation of steady growth in this field, and the greatest beneficiaries are those who will leverage in the future and existing profit earning opportunities through observation of market trends in various economies.All eyes are on the pace setters in this field, such as Madison Street Capital reputation, as they ensure more transactions run seamlessly. Doing this encourages other players to maintain high standards which might lead to an increase in customers.

How Securus Technologies Cares

There are many people that are worried about the safety of the public, but the leader of the industry is Securus Technologies. This company is dedicated to making the world a safer place for everyone to live and work in. They are constantly creating new and innovative ways to make sure that this happens, and they want the public to know what they do. In order to do this, they have invited them to their facility, which is located in Dallas, TX. They will be given a presentation that will show them the latest technologies, and they will discuss why they are so important for the welfare of the public. With a tour of the facility, and the ability to ask questions, people will get a much better idea about this company and what they do.


They also are publishing letters from the public. These letters are informative, and show how the technologies help in solving crimes both between inmates and in the public.


The company is continuing their success on a regular basis, and the government is always seeking their help at their corrective institutions. Since they deal with a million inmates each year, they are equipped to help in the public safety field. They are looking for more and more ways to make the world safer for all people, and in all different types of situations.



Kim Dao Gets a Skin Treatment Injection

We get to see Kim Dao get a skin treatment injection in a recent video the blogger posted on YouTube. Before we see the treatment process, Kim Dao shares that this is the first skin care treatment that she has ever received. On the day of the treatment Kim Dao is sitting in the back of her cab fresh faced with no makeup on as she heads to the clinic. Once Kim Dao arrives for her skin care treatment appointment she speaks with a consultant who recommends that she gets a specific treatment for her dry skin. The consultant even gave Kim Dao a bag full of different goodies upon her arrival. This is a bag that the clinic gives to every one of their clients, and it even came with an adapter. For Kim Dao this came in handy since she forgot her adapter at home. Kim Dao then goes to a room for the doctor to take photos of her skin to decide the best method for treating her skin. After Kim Dao and her doctor have a full on consultation about her skin and the treatment, she goes in and they get to work. The process is intricate, but afterwards Kim Dao looks fresher and softer.

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Waiakea’s Rapid Rise To Success

How One Man Defied The Odds

Ryan Emmons isn’t what most people would associate the bottled water industry with. He is a fairly young man who decided to create his company right out of college. He didn’t have much in terms of capital or experience. However, it isn’t hard to understand how he was able to succeed in the bottled water industry. Customers are hungry for something better in their bottled water and he is giving it to them.

The Success Simply Kept Coming

Forbes reported to them that the amazing success of Waiakea water is something that stands out even among the most successful startups of our time. There are so many out there that have made themselves into overnight successes, but how many have managed to grow by 4000% over 3 years.

That level of success is exactly what separates this brand from others out there. Emmons has certainly made a name for himself simply due to the ability to create a bottled water company, without much in capital, that manages to grow at such a rapid rate. Customers like what he is giving them so far.

What Customers Want In Water

Bottled water customers are a poorly understood demographic. So many people misunderstand what the bottled water crowd is about. Some companies believe you can simply label tap water “natural” and expect customers to flock to it. Companies that have tried this haven’t seen too much success in recent years, but Waiakea Water is an exception.

Ryan Emmons isn’t giving them something he himself would never drink. He derives the water he uses for his brand from Hawaii’s natural geysers. This water doesn’t just provide clean water. It provides nutrients that are essential to a healthy body in abundance.

The Future Of Waiakea

Ryan Emmons has made himself into a smashing success, but it doesn’t seem as if Waiakea water is headed in a bad direction anytime soon. The company is now expanding into philanthropy and is currently pursuing efforts to provide clean water for those in developing countries.

Emmons hasn’t just created another brand with his bottled water. He has made a movement that defies what so many in corporate America value most. People want to know that the brands they buy are giving back to the world and making the world a better place. That is exactly what Emmons is doing with his. Waiakea Water.

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Highlands Capital Management; Advancing Investment

Highlands Capital Management is an investment firm focusing on structured investments, fixed income, public equity and distressed investment funds. According to the latest SEC filings, the company’s portfolio was valued to about $2.44 billion. Based in Dallas, Texas, the company was co-founded by James David Dondero in 1993.


James David Dondero serves as the President and Co-founder of Highland Capital Management, L.P. Having accrued over 30 years’ experience in the credit market, James Dondero is an expert in investment grade corporates, high yield bonds, leveraged bank loans, emerging market debts, mortgage-backed securities and common stocks. Before founding Highlands Capital Management, James served as a chief investment officer of GIC, a subsidiary of Protective Life, a business he helped expand its revenue base to over $2 billion.


Recently, Highland Capital Management, L.P raised their position in Nexpoint Credit Strategies Fund by acquiring more shares, moving their total holding in the company to 793,036 shares. This brings Highland Capital Management total holding to five percent of the total shares held. This new acquisition moves Highland Capital Management to be the second largest shareholder in Nexpoint Credit Strategies Fund only behind Morgan Stanley with a $16.77 million worth of Nexpoint Credit Strategies Fund shares.


Nexpoint Credit Strategies Fund is a closed-end fund which is ranked among the top ten closed-end funds in the market. The fund aims at earning income and capital appreciation by investing in below investment grade equity and debt. In March 2016, the fund was turned out into two separate public trading companies, Nexpoint Residential Trust Inc. and Nexpoint Credit Strategies Fund. Even after the two different groups were formed, Nexpoint Credit kept acquiring real estate assets through affiliated REITs and Highland Real Estate Capital REIT. Most of these acquired holdings are affiliated holdings, under the name of Highland Capital Management or its co-founder, James Dondero.


James David Dondero attended the University of Virginia where he graduated with a BS in Commerce with an emphasis on accounting and finance. He is a Certified Managerial Accountant and a practicing Chartered Financial Analyst. Mr. Dondero also serves as the chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare Group, CCS.

Mobility Remedies Offered to the Central Texas Regional Mobility

Mike Heiligenstein heads the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority in Austin (Texas), as the Executive Director. He is the President of the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association. Besides this, he is part of the Advisory Board of Texas A&M Transportation Institute. Before Mike’s appointment into the Mobility Authority, he worked as a public official for 23 years in the Williamson County.

The Texas-based Mobility Authority was created in 2002 as an independent agency with the sole aim of improving the transportation network in Williamson and Travis counties respectively. It oversees the implementation of innovative and integrated transport system remedies so as to ease congestion and encourage economic vitality. An Executive Director heads the agency led by a small sized professional staff. The agency contracts private firms to carry out its projects in the transportation system that includes roadways, airports, seaports, and transit services. The institution funds its projects and operations from revenue bonds, user fees, and taxes.

Traffic is the biggest problem for Williamson County in which transit experts have offered remedies during the Williamson County Growth Summit. The summit provided the opportunity to raise transportation problems. The discussion panel included Mike Heiligenstein (Executive Director, CTRMA), Joseph Kopser (RideScout LLC Founder), Leandre Johns (Uber Technologies External Affairs Director), and Jared Ficklin (ArgoDesign). During the conference held at Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center, they proposed an aerial gondola system for Central Austin. The best remedy to the mobility demands of the rapidly growing population especially in the suburb is to construct more and smarter roads, and also to invest in new technologies like driverless vehicles and ridesharing application.

The restructuring of the infrastructure has helped a lot, but the future needs expansion of Williamson capacity to make them smarter, more efficient, and more technically modernized. The policy makers also have to make building and land-use codes to remain flexible for future needs. For instance, the future parking garage doesn’t fit any of the current building codes. It is, therefore, necessary to restructure the ancient models to fit the description of a modernized country transport system.

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Lori Senecal – Pursuing Greatness

Lori Senecal is no stranger to success. Lori Senecal is the current CEO for Crispin Porter and Bogusky and was previously the Global Chairman and CEO of KBS. Under her guidance, KBS saw an expansion from a 250 person private agency to over 900 people globally. Her career spans across many of years of providing great service with top companies. She was the President of the head of McCann and Erickson in New York, and as the Global Chief Innovation Officer at McCann Worldgroup.

To whom much is given, much is expected, and to whom performs greatly achieves greatness. That sums up the recipe for Senecal’s success and current responsibilities at Crispin Porter and Bogusky. She is in charge of overseeing CP+B‘s international expansion and growth, and manages allocation of the companies eight global offices and added development. She was appointed the position at a time the company won a global account with Infiniti, thus proving the trust the company has in Lori. She accepted this task while fulfilling her duties as the president and CEO of MDC Partner Network.

Lori is not only an outstanding businesswoman but is also a phenomenal leader. According to, because of her leadership with KBS, the company is known today as one of Crain’s top companies to work for in New York City. It has also been recognized on Ad Age’s archives of Stand Out Agencies for three years in a row. While serving with McCann and Erickson, she spearheaded the TAG Ideation program. This was a program designed for young-adults working towards a career in marketing.

Lori Senecal spends a great deal of her time sharing her wealth of knowledge and industry insight through speaking engagements, award juries, op-eds and television appearances. In 2014, she received an award from Ad Age receiving the Woman To Watch Award honor. She was also honored in 2013 at the AWNY Game Changer Awards with the Quantum Leap award. Through precision and pure effort, Lori has proven tremendously that greatness comes to those who work towards it. For more info, visit


David Osio Helps to Present the Davos Cap Calculator

Davos Real Estate Group or otherwise known as REG is one of the licensed and independent companies that form the Davos Financial Group. It serves as the arm of the company that specializes in real estate financial matters. Early last year, REG unveiled their groundbreaking mobile application, Davos Cap Calculator, to its customers. The presentation of the new app was included attendance from the company CEO David Osio and executive heads of REG such as Pablo Bausili and Gerard Gonzalez.


Gerarad Gonzalez is one of the brains behind the creation of the application. For about six months, he worked in close collaboration with Tecknolution not only in development but also in the design of the outstanding tool. Thanks to him, the creation of a tool with the ability to estimate gains in investment property has become a success.


Davos Cap Calculator was designed on the modern technology platforms. As such, REG customers with Android or iPhone devices can access the app. During the presentation of the app, Gonzalez cited that it was the start of a series of complimentary applications. These apps would have the ability to spot investment properties via mobile devices as well as forward historical real estate reports to a respective Davos agent. He reiterated additional benefits of the new applications such as the mortgage calculator, which will enable customers to make estimates for their mortgage based on factors like bank projections.


David Osio


David Osio is an accomplished Venezuelan national whose prominence has largely been catalyzed by the success of his company, Davos Financial Group. Osio has helped the company attain recognition as the first all-inclusive financial advisory firm in Venezuela. All the companies under the Davos Financial Group umbrella are fully licensed and operate independently. Currently, the financial company boasts of expansion efforts in different global locations such as Panama, Geneva, Miami, New York City and many others.


Before embarking on the creation of a top company in the financial world, Osio had a history of serving other companies. At one time, he worked for Miami-based Banco Latino International as the vice president of commercial banking. Some of his responsibilities included defining market strategies, managing customer acquisitions and overseeing the management of all corporate departments. As a result, he assisted the company in attaining a better position in international circles. Aside from his work experience, David Osio is an alumnus of the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello where he earned his law degree.

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Oncotarget changing the world as we know it

Oncotarget is a weekly peer-reviewed and free to access medical journal which covers research on all facets of oncology. The journal was established back in 2010 and is weekly published by impact journal.

The editors in chief are Andrel V. Gudkov who resides in Roswell Park Cancer Institute and Mikhail Blagosklonny. The journal is preoccupied and indexed in index PubMed and PubMed central, science citation index expanded which is also known as SciSearch, Biological Abstracts, Embase, BIOSIS Previews, Scopus, Journal Citation Report/Science Edition, Directory of open Access Journal and OAlster.

Oncotarget publishes research papers with a focus on cancer research and oncology due to the integrity of the human creature and complexity of tumor development. It also publishes papers in the field of pathology, endocrinology, physiology, age-related diseases and immunology.

With time, the journal has diverse into new therapeutic agents, the impact of management programs and protocols on patient perspectives such as satisfaction, quality of life and adherence. The journal on goes through the evidence behind new and existing therapies in terms of improving outcomes and aims to define their usage in terms of uptake and acceptance by the health care professionals and more primarily the patient.

The impact factor of the journal Oncotarget is considerably high. Listed below is the impact factor of the journal throughout the years.

Journal Impact

2016 Available in summer 2017
2015 5.00
2014 6.35
2013 6.62
2012 6.73
2011 4.78

In a study recently published by Oncotarget, researchers have found that the chemical found in e-cigarette vapor are just as damaging as tobacco smoke. This is the first ever scientific study that addresses the harmful effects of e-cigarette’s on oral health and its daunting effects on cellular and molecular level. They also discovered that the flavoring chemical plays a vital role in damaging cells in the mouth. Such damage can lead to various health problems including tooth loss, mouth cancer and different gum diseases.

E-cigarettes on are battery-operated devices that contain a battery, heating device and a cartridge that holds the chemical liquid. The heating device vaporizes the liquid and the vapor is inhaled by the user. While e-cigarette liquid solution does not contain tobacco which is the harmful component in conventional cigarettes, they do contain nicotine and other various chemicals and flavoring agents.

The Oncotarget researchers on exposed the gum tissue of smokers with menthol flavored e-cigarettes and tobacco. The tobacco vapor contained sixteen milligrammes of nicotine while the menthol floured one consisted of fourteen milligrammes of nicotine.