Tips For Investing In Mutual Funds

Tim Armour is currently serving as the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of Capital Group. He has earned a reputation for knowing all about investments fund and savings on taxes.

Tim Armour talks about Warren Buffett and the investment strategy used by him. He says that Warren Buffet shows his concern for the mediocre funds and the expensive investment funds too. This is because these funds are shortchanging the investors. And there are a lot of them around.

Tim Armour agrees with him on this. Even he is more committed towards investments that are low cost as well as simple. He says that investments are meant to be bought and then retained for a long time. This is the best way to optimize their returns.

This is where Tim Armour also gives an example of the approach that has been taken by Warren Buffet. This is a person who analyzes the company rigorously. He takes a lot of time and puts a lot of effort in it. This is why he has been able to build a durable portfolio this way. His strategy highly successful fund. This has been proved by him many times over.

Next, Tim Armour wants to emphasize that Americans need to save more. This is basically to look after their retirement needs. Hence they must investment fund more. Besides, they need to stay invested in order to maximize returns.

But Tim Armour also asks investors to be careful of all those mutual funds provide mediocre returns. This can be due to the high amounts of management fees being charged. Or else there can be excessive trading that may lead to poor returns. Hence investors must know all about the volatility risks before they invest. After all, good investment returns are possible only in case of having low costs over a long term.

Tim Armour also mentions that index funds may be considered a safe option for retirement purposes. But in a case of market outturns, they get 100 percent exposed to volatility leading to losses. This means that investors have to look for low costs but a much higher amount of manager ownership.

Bernardo Chua and Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua is currently known as a leading name in the direct sales industry. Much of Chua’s work, within the last decade, has focused on introducing consumers to Ganoderma through the use of coffees and teas. Ganoderma is a genus of mushroom that has been used as a traditional medication in many parts of Asia.

The mushroom is thought to have beneficial effects on the immune and cardiovascular systems, as well as the prostate gland. Bernardo Chua has been a major influencer in two extremely successful companies Gano Excel and presently, Organo Gold. Chua has played a crucial role in introducing Ganoderma to the North American market, from the Philippines.

Chua’s upbringing ignited his passion for Ganoderma. Growing up in a Chinese household, Chua was introduced to the herb at an early age. In 2008, after the establishment of Gano Excel, Chua decided that he wanted to take the Ganoderma products to next level.

After seeing the success of the products in the Asian market, he decided to expand his distribution to include countries in the West. Within five years of establishing Organo Gold, and expanding distribution, Direct Selling News reported the company as the 55th largest direct selling company in the world.

Much of the company’s success is a result of Chua’s dedication to educating consumers. Ganoderma isn’t as well known in the West, and taking the time to reach out to customers and educate them on the benefits of the herb has greatly helped in its’ popularity. Education also builds trust between consumers and distributors, which some companies lack.

Currently located in Canada, Organo Gold has consumers all over the world. Even with the success of Organo Gold, Bernado Chua and his company continue to focus on methods to stay ahead of the competition. This focus is one of the big reasons why the company continues to grow.

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Bruce Bent II: Financial Expert, Inventor, Leader and Business Philosopher

Bruce Bent II is a financial executive and entrepreneur with more than 60 patents to his name. His contributions have had broad impact in the finance world, with his patents having made considerable contributions to the current FDIC industry.

He has been involved in a broad range of entrepreneurial investments including consulting services for businesses, financial technology, pharmaceutical ventures, health-care and asset and intellectual property management.

An industry innovator with a strong leadership track record, Bruce Bent II holds the positions CEO, Vice Chairman and President of Double Rock Corporation, a recognized provider of cash management technologies and solutions. He is also the owner and founder of B2 Consulting, LLC, a position that provides him the opportunity to exercise his entrepreneurial talents by providing services as a consultant, advisor and investor to start up firms.

Prior to the 2008 global financial crisis, he served as President of The Reserve, the second largest money market fund in the world.

Bent is a highly sought after advisor and he has provided his expertise in numerous pieces for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times as well as had his own financial columns in the China Press and World Journal. He also provided a review as a subject matter expert for “The Corporate Insider’s Guide to U.S. Patent Practice” and has received recognition in “Leadership Secrets of the World’s Most Successful CEO’s.”

A current member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization Manhattan Chapter and the Young Presidents’ Organization, where he served as the finance chairman, Bruce Bent II is very active in several groups. He has also served on the President’s Advisory Council of the Scenic Hudson environmental organization.

Bent earned his bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Northeastern University and has a unique perspective on education, which he believes is over-valued, in today’s business-world giving his preference for actual accomplishments over pedanticism. This view carries into his perspective on innovation and business. Bent points out that it frequently only takes one person to have an idea. However, it often takes a whole team to bring it to fruition. He builds teams around the philosophy that it’s better to work with people who have high levels of generalized intelligence as opposed to a narrow academic focus.

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What Led Nick Vertucci to Create a Real Estate Academy

It is always good to know the that our past does not influence everything that is going to happen. The founder, Nick Vertucci, was raised in a family where she received substantial care and love for the met all his needs. Despite the fact that he met his necessities is however not an implication that they were excessively stinking rich. The whole problem intensified upon his father’s death as his mother ought to work for longer hours.

The luck transformed some years after he established his business that entailed the sale of the computer parts according to He felt happy with the freedom that he gained from becoming his boss. It is after this that he married. Their marriage resulted in three beautiful daughters. All the operations ran smoothly up to the year 2000 when the crash of the dot-com took place. The entire finances disbanded. He had the inappropriate mentality earlier on and hadn’t planned future investments on

Nick Vertucci, he earned almost no income, and the debt kept increasing. With the advice from friends, he attended workshops which later on became very significant in his struggles at The knowledge he gained from the speech made him realize that all was not lost and he could still find all that he aspired to get. This is particularly from the financial debts that had piled up.

He felt refreshed, inspired and prepared. Nick Vertucci kept training and learning anything that he could learn regarding real estate over time. It took some time to learn enough, but he could finally develop a system that permitted him to make money without too straining from real estate. He then became a millionaire and transformed the long lasting financial legacy of their family.

The Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc. provides a solution to the problems arising in the course of operation in the ventures in the sector of real estate. The founder of the organization is among the nationally famous as well as the investors in the field of real estate. NV Real Estate Academy refers to the battleship of assets from the education sector to the necessarily appropriate ventures. With the establishment of the Academy, the fortunes of Nick Vertucci’s trademark in the flipping strategy is currently presently accessible to whoever need a transformation in their financial objectives through the utilization of the methods and plans that facilitated the attainment of his success.

How Clay Siegall’s Research has improved Cancer Treatment

Dr. Clay Siegall is a US-based biotechnology researcher who serves as the CEO of Seattle Genetics. He co-founded the company, and he has been using it to positively impact the pharmaceuticals industry by developing great drugs for cancer. Seattle Genetics is an innovative company and has created various advanced biogenetics technologies. It has also been committed to manufacturing excellent medications that can help in curing cancer patients across the globe. It has developed ADCs, which have so far increased the motility rate of cancer patients.

Clay Siegall has played a great role in the growth of Seattle Genetics. He led the firm in having its first IPO about one and a half decades ago. To date, the biotechnology research hub has successfully generated more than $670 million through public and private funding programs. Clay had gained sufficient experience by working for different corporations before the establishment of Seatle Genetics. He started conducting his biotechnology research by serving a government body that is called the National Cancer Institute. In 1991, Siegall was employed by the Bristol-Myers Squib Pharmaceutical Research Institute, and he served as a senior researcher until 1997. The Alder Biopharmaceuticals, Biomedical Association, Ultragenynx Pharmaceutical, and Washington Roundtable appointed him to sit on their board of directors.

The research undertakings of Clay Siegal at Seattle Genetics have been beneficial to the pharmaceuticals sector. He has managed to secure 15 patents for the drugs that he has developed. Siegal has also published about 70 scientific books that are used for reference by students and professionals. He schooled at the George Washington University where he got his Ph.D. and also attended the University of Maryland for his first degree.

Dr. Siegal has used his biotechnology and genetics expertise to assist Seattle Genetics in developing the ADCs technology. The company has currently commercialized more than 20 drugs that are sold across the world. The manufacture and distribution of the drugs have been made possible by partnering with leading corporations such as Bayer, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, and Genentech. The chemotherapies that are currently used in curing cancer have serious effects such as hair loss, and therefore, Clay has been striving to establish better drugs.


Meet Julie Zuckerberg, the Executive Recruiter

Are you a financial expert interested in working in the financial sector? Then try contacting Julie Zuckerberg. Julie Zuckerberg is an employee of Deutsche Bank, and she is the lead executive recruiter. She has a rich background in the recruitment career where she has held the position of the executive recruitment director in various firms. Besides being the talent hiring director of Deutsche Bank, she is also the vice president. She believes that the key success for a business is the recruitment of the right people and reducing attrition.



Julie’s career at Hudson


Her career as a recruitment lead began in the in 2002 in Hudson Company as a hiring director. Julie Zuckerberg worked for the firm from 2002 to 2007, a total of five years. During that period she made significant achievements in her career. It was during this period that she recruited case managers, ancillary staff, paralegals and attorneys for Hudson Company.



Julie’s career is characterized by self-motivation and self-dedication. She often spends her time with clients and employees. She disseminated information on how they could win promotions, and reap company benefits in the right working conditions. She also actively acted as a bridge between the employers and employees. She ensured Hudson complied with all the laws of the land.



Her Endeavors At Citi Global Consumer Bank


After spending five years in Hudson, Julie Zuckerberg moved to Citi Global Consumer Bank in New York. In the new company, she still served as an executive recruiter. Julie excelled in the company and continued with the strategies she had employed at Hudson. Here, she led the company in implementing new compensation trends, hiring strategies, negotiation, and development of complex job offers that had equity awards. She equally helped the company in retaining talented workers in the firm.



At Deutsche Bank


Later in 2014, Julie Zuckerberg moved to Deutsche Bank as an executive recruiter and the vice president. In the organization, she made partnerships with the human resource managers in creating a hiring cycle for the employees of the enterprise. Due to her input in the company’s hiring cycle, the company was able to source out highly qualified and diversified candidates for employment. Besides working in the two companies, she has also worked as hire recruiting lead in an insurance company based in New York.


In all the companies that she has worked in, she has been very successful in her career. This can be attributed to the good education background, which she gained in City University New York-Brooklyn College where she majored in Philosophy. She also has a doctorate in Jurisprudence degree (JD).



Julie’s Hobbies


Julie Zuckerberg is not just dull in her workplace; she has an interest in other areas not related to her usual duties. Julie’s hobbies include cooking, photography, discovering new technology, and checking out art galleries. She also takes pleasure in volunteer programs related to economic empowerment, environmental conservation, human rights and animal welfare. She also likes early morning jogs since they keep her warm in the cold place where she resides. She currently lives in Manhattan, New York, which can get rather cold.