How to Capitalize on Earnings from Sports Betting

Imagine the possibility of earning income from your favorite football. Well, not directly of course but through placing bets on individual games. However, the probability of winning largely depends on the strength in depth of competing teams. Sports’ betting refers to the placement of wagers on the outcomes of games based on a simple criterion of a win or lose situation. On the other hand, spread betting is much more complicated and is based on the accuracy of the bet. In such a case, a spread is provided to gauge the accuracy of each wager placed. In the sports betting realm, none has more insight than Teddy Servransky. Mr. Servransky, or commonly known as Teddy Covers, is a skilled sports bettor and commentator for ESPN Inc. Despite keeping a low profile, Covers has earned respect and admiration of sports enthusiasts across the U.S. He possesses valuable insight into how the industry operates and essential tips for making great bets. Below are essential tips guaranteed to improve your betting techniques.

Mr. Covers advises bettors to compare the different offers provided by bookies. Doing so is essential in maximizing returns from such an investment. Rather than rushing to place a bet, take your time and go through each offer from bookmakers. This entails analyzing the free movement alerts provided as well as personalizing each game as it unfolds. Furthermore, visit and evaluate the free betting tools offered across bookies and sports leagues. Secondly, prepare each wager as an investment. Bet with your head and not with your heart if you intend to earn significant returns. Since betting is an investment, make an informed decision before proceeding to place wagers. For starters, you can minimize your risk by using the prop, over & under bets in various games. is credited for placing bets on NCAAF odds and College Football Odds. Lastly, watch the market before placing any bet. As a bettor, it is your duty to analyze the market conditions rather than trusting experienced bettors. Such individuals are susceptible to making errors and making sound decisions is not guaranteed. Smart bettors appreciate the chances of a 52% win as opposed to an 80% win. With consistency, the 52% can yield high returns over time. is acclaimed for placing bets on Football odds and NCAAF odds. is a sport betting site that provides up-to-date information such as team standings, injury updates, upcoming fixtures and power rankings. Through the site, bettors obtain valuable information on suitable matches to bet.

Omar Boraie Has Transformed New Brunswick

Boraie Development is a company on a pedestal. It is quickly becoming one of the best real estate developers in New Jersey. The company recently struck a deal with Shaquille O’Neal to reopen Boys & Girls Club in Atlantic City to prepare it for the summer. The company is also constructing a new apartment tower at One Spring Street, New York City. According to Boraie CEO Omar Boraie, the new apartment will be an addition to over 250 properties under the company’s management portfolio. Among other real estate properties, the company is steadfastly becoming one of the largest in the state.

Boraie Development offers a wide variety of services in the real estate industry. Their services are tailored to meet specific needs of clients. The firm has been working with other strong financial institutions to ensure it has a clear vision of its mandate in the industry. The company is currently doing several projects in News Brunswick and other parts of New Jersey. It is behind The Aspire Building on, which opened in 2015. It is also behind the construction of Albany Street Plaza and the estates at Waverly Palace.

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Boraie Development has a team of talented individuals who have what it takes to ensure customer satisfaction through support and innovation. At the height of the company’s leadership is Omar Boraie. Omar was born in Egypt in 1941. He came to the United States to study chemistry. However, he discovered the huge potential in the country’s real estate industry on After graduating, he committed himself to real estate. He formed Boraie Development in 1972. He is one of the few individuals who helped build New Brunswick and transform into a modern metropolitan with new infrastructure.

He had a clear understanding of his vision and purpose. Today he can afford to let out a belly laugh as he remembers how he worked hard to prove doubters wrong. He started his real estate career by buying a few dilapidated buildings on the eastern side of the town. He then proposed to the city authorities about his plan to transform the place into a residential neighborhood on As he sees New Brunswick come to life very morning, he lets out a heavy breath that signifies a high level of satisfaction.

Accelerating Start-Ups to Compete in A Global Marketplace: Mike Baur and The Swiss Start Up Factory

Business is global. Start-up business needs to compete in a global marketplace. Competing in a global marketplace takes a certain kind of smarts and determination to break out of the pack of competitors. Mike Baur understands this need. His vision is to help start-ups break the barriers that are holding them back from competing with the global marketplace.


Baur has worked for over 20 years in the Swiss financial market and has a clear understanding of what it takes to start a business from the ground up. He works tirelessly with Swiss youth entrepreneurs and mentors Swiss start-ups.


When he founded the Swiss Start Up Factory with his partners Max Meister and Oliver Walzer in 2014, the basic premise was the promotion and support of Switzerland’s start-ups.


In order to compete in a global marketplace small businesses needed to understand the drivers and distracters that made them competitive. The team at Swiss Start Up Factory realized that they needed to run an accelerator program that would be the gold standard for all other accelerator programs out there. This meant that businesses needed to have the necessary tools and resources to succeed in their perspective businesses.


By providing a robust investor and mentoring program, would-be entrepreneurs could gain the necessary knowledge to compete in the global marketplace. They would also gain perspective of what it takes to successfully run a business in today’s global marketplace through an intense three month accelerator program. Young people especially would benefit from this intense hands-on program.


Baur believes that young people really need to  work hard to realize their dreams. He also believes that Switzerland needs to more powerful with their ecosystem. “You have to live your passion” is Baur’s motto and what he lives everyday. His hope is to encourage the next generation of Swiss entrepreneurs to give back to their communities and grow the Swiss economy.


The Swiss Start Up Factory’s goals are to encourage and support Swiss young people to pursue their passion in their chosen business and work hard to achieve their business goals. The team provides information, support and necessary tools for individuals and start-up organizations. Customized service packages are available to start-ups for their particular industry and service.

The Benefits of Becoming a Part of Magnises

Magnises is a unique startup that has every intention of giving millennials access to special gatherings that every city has to offer.

As an individual who understands the difficulty of seeking and getting into the best dining, drinking and partying places in town, he has come with the thought of creating a platform that allows its members to obtain exclusive deals and witness spectacular music and theatrical performances, among others, away from the public eye.

The Benefits

The main advantage of being affiliated to Magnises is that you can truly enjoy life to the fullest. The owner wishes to ante up the enjoyment level that the millennials are currently getting subjected to while you are still young. This entails having a fruitful night that does not require staying in a queue towards a specific bar or hoping see your favorite artist’s show in a huge setting.

Other than that, a Magnises membership serves as the only ticket you will need to experience the luxury that every twenty-something individual is supposed to go through. You simply have to present the deluxe card that a member of Magnises has in front of the club(s) you want to enter, or utilize it to unlock hotel and air traveling discounts and upgrades anywhere in the world.

Although a millennial’s leisurely satisfaction is of utmost importance to Billy McFarland and his entire team on Instagram, a membership lets you be in the same circle as and come in contact with some of the most successful leaders in various industries. Some of these people may be respectable in the field that you are in or dreaming to be a constant at, and they can motivate or assist you in working towards your desired job.

In the event that you have a strong affinity to art or sports, Magnises can extend information regarding the upcoming fashion shows, artistic exhibitions, and diverse sporting happenings that will be taking place in your city. The administrators of the company can offer you proper authorization to be in attendance to such occasions, and this is helpful specifically for millennials whose connection to people with power is quite limited.

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Black Card Features
As mentioned earlier, Magnises provides a black card to the members that holds different perks for them.

This feature allows affiliates to afford a high-class co-working space at Alley which amounts to 500 dollars regularly for only less than 100 dollars.

The ClubPass guarantees that the Magnises associates can access all the ritziest nightclubs within the city without have to spend thousands on VIP passes.

At any place in the New York State that has The Dream Hotel, you can avail a special discount that is practically one-third of the original room cost.

Magnises has over 12,000 members at present, and this number can rise as the company opens up new features.

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